My mind the most expensive hotel in the world - Devotional

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Day 1 - I don’t believe in anything

John 11:37-45

From where could human beings have inherited such certainty to make affirmations as bold as this? We can accomplish and obtain so much when we believe in the Word of God! Unbelief is an evil spirit of blindness. An unbelieving person offers up the eyes of his understanding to be blinded by the god of this age. An unbelieving person is subject to the god of this age and can’t see the light of the gospel. An unbelieving person doesn’t know God’s image that is Christ. An unbelieving person is not transformed. An unbelieving person does not please God. Not to believe in God isn’t an option, it’s a perversion.

Why not believe that there is a God? That He is greater than man and He communicates to us through His word: the Bible? Just as a mother, who goes out of the house and leaves a note for her kids telling them where she went, how long she will be gone, and instructions on how they should behave in order to be safe and satisfied: “There’s food in the kitchen”, “Do not leave the house”, “Don’t touch anything dangerous”, etc. Until she comes home and finds that all is well, she does this trusting that they will obey her instructions. In the same way, the Bible is not a religious book, but an instruction manual from a Father who created us in His own image. Why do we prefer to believe in everything and nourish insecurity, perhaps even a distrust regarding the Word of God? Ask your heart today if there is any root of rebellion inside, an instinct to oppose or even to disobey when you are instructed. Do not put it off for tomorrow, it is possible that you will experience great victories through this small step.


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Day 2 - Stop to listen

Jeremiah 17:5-10; Proverbs 3:7

I have met people who lived their whole life celebrating their rebellious life style. They considered themselves courageous, secure for being able to doubt, to oppose and to confront. That reminds me so much of little toddlers, taking their first steps, and feeling so confident! Daddy is watching everything and he already saw ahead that the next steps will be on a slant, but the child doesn’t want his help, she thinks she can do it on her own… Today we are still like “big kids”, then “married kids”, then “wrinkled kids”, but always trusting in our own discernment.

A person in his seventies or eighties thinks he can define life, define himself and speaks about things he doesn’t know, based on observations or on his own experiences. But what are eighty or a hundred years compared to the thousands of years the human race has lasted, getting some things right but still making endless mistakes? Today our society presents to us an accumulation of knowledge that’s purely human: don’t do it that way, do it this way, don’t trust in that! And when we look at the results around us, we come to a conclusion that human knowledge has become less reliable every day. There is less commitment to the statements made. There are more changes and less truth. A man who trusts in men is drowning in an ocean of doubts and living under the deception of the human mind. The word of God says that blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, he bears fruit even in times of crisis. Whatever the situation or the voice that is now putting your faith at risk, do not let it remain. Stop to listen to the Holy Spirit, He is the owner of all wisdom.


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Day 3 - The exit

Psalms 119: 1-8, 33-35, 98-103

When you are in the middle of an ocean you don’t look for a board, you look for a solid rock. When looking for the truth, one can see that there is no purity in human knowledge, but pride, self-confidence and vanity….Why would you trust in a man who is as human as you are, fighting his inner battles, filled with questions and undefeated giants?  Why trust in men and not in God?  The Bible is not a religious book, it’s a personal instruction manual given by the Creator to all human beings. In it we find the wisdom we need to take safer steps.  We need to read the Bible, as if we were inhaling oxygen out of a tank in the midst of the dark smoke of life’s fire. That’s what gives meaning to our path and produces what we all desire so much, a faith that is crisis-proof. Ask God to help you comprehend His Word which is the Bible.


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Day 4 - Simply believing

Isaiah 54:17

A person came to me once asking for help and advice in a moment of crisis. I soon realized that she had no trust in God neither was she willing to receive His teachings. When I perceived that she was nourishing pride and rebellion inside of her, and that her words were filled with scorn for God, I immediately repositioned the conversation saying: “If you are looking for help because the path you are on is not taking you anywhere, you need to cross over this line that is between us, because nothing can be done if the line of disbelief is not removed”. People would prefer to trust in the help of other people than to seek God’s help. Let God be God. Do not put Him within your limits. Renounce unbelief; abandon it once and for all. Frustrate any conspiracy against you, by simply believing. If you fully believe in the Lord, He guarantees you and gives you the right to an inheritance of triumph: you can condemn any voice that comes against you!


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Day 5 - The dividing line

Mark 9:20-27

Many times faith in God doesn’t come naturally or just by living a certain life style, but it comes through a decision that is made after hearing the word of God. A decision to abandon the stubbornness of your heart and to allow yourself to see the manifestation of supernatural victories in your life, as the word of God promises. Pay attention to this: Your decision is the dividing line between two worlds.  At times we will express it as the disciples of Jesus did: “I believe Lord, help me in my lack of faith.” When our understanding is affected by fear, insecurity, or any other kind of harmful thoughts, we tend to act in a way that will cause a disproportional impact on our lives. We begin to focus on what we see, giving it such weight and importance, that our faith seems very little or even insufficient to change anything. We know we can believe, but with a faith that is too weak to face the giant before us. I do not know if you have the habit of going to a bodybuilding gym or if you workout, but think about it: as you establish regularity in your workouts you achieve more endurance and strength. Faith, in the same way, is like a muscle that must be exercised. The more stronger you are, the more challenges you will bear.


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Day 6 - Decide to believe when facing fear

Genesis 3:7-11

Fear is the number one champion in making us discredit the faith we have.  Fear was one of the first feelings expressed by the first man: Adam.  When he realized that he was naked, he felt fear as he heard God’s voice calling him out in the garden. Adam opened the way to that terrible feeling we have when we look to our lack of resources to face the unknown or what we think is too big for us to overcome. In a very interesting way, things got switched around: Adam’s fear seemed bigger than the God who created him.  Isn’t it interesting that in the same way, we become fearful when facing the unknown, or something that seems too big? When you don’t know how to deal with a certain situation, fear takes place: fear of not having enough resources to confront what is threatening you. If the doctor says that your child is sick, you think she won’t be strong enough to overcome, you don’t know if God will answer your prayer; that’s when fear comes in.  I like to say that fear is a monster that produces many other little monsters with the same appearance as their father. They come in sequence to confront us, one after the other, making faces, letting out screeching sounds to make us bow before the little situations in everyday life; until finally, amidst a more complex situation, we recognize that we are before the monster: FEAR.

We need to face our little fears every day using our faith and determination, and not wait until bigger problems come, to position ourselves. That fear of walking inside your home if it’s dark, that fear of what those test results will show… that fear. Since I discovered these little fear monsters, I began to change my demeanor: I started to get up at night and go in the kitchen to get a glass of water; also I don’t wait for that cockroach to come my way any more, I go and smash it. I no longer sit and wait for the situations to come making faces at me; I decided to go ahead and face them, holding my Father’s Hand. Live this day with all difficulties that it will bring with the following statement: Do not be afraid just believe. You will see your faith opening a way where it did not exist before.


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Day 7 - I'm cooperating with myself

2 Corinthians 10:4,5

My family and I were in a fancy restaurant and while we waited for dinner to be served, I got up

My family and I were in a fancy restaurant and while we waited for dinner to be served, I got up to use the restroom. At the restroom door there was a bucket halfway filled with water and there was a broom beside it. I imagined the cleaning lady must have forgotten it there. I had no idea what was about to happen. Across the hallway there was an animal about 12 inches long, with ash brown fur. I thought: What would such a fat animal be doing here? His eyes and whiskers caused my memory to go through the files of my mind in fractions of a second and shout from the top of a chair: Run, there is a RAAAATTTT!  Considering the number of women and children inside that restaurant, I thought: A tragedy is about to happen in this place. I took a step back thinking what else I could do besides running to the table, grabbing my purse and leaving. I pointed out the animal to a young man who was walking toward me and as fast as lightning the man disappeared. I waved to the cleaning lady to try and get someone to come help. The security guard came, looked and said: “Somebody’s got to do something.” I said in a low tone of voice: Call the manager! He came by and quickly walked away (I think he remembered he had an appointment). So I thought: I’ll have to take care of this! As that well fed animal walked slowly toward the bucket, I grabbed a  tablecloth from the closest table, and when that animal stood up to look inside the bucket, I flew toward it and pushed it in, using the tablecloth to drown it in that bucket of water. I asked someone to bring another tablecloth, while I made sure my mission was accomplished. Somebody brought in a big garbage bag and I tossed the bucket with the dead animal inside it then I tied it up in a knot and handed the bag to the manager with a suggestion: You need to take better care of this place!

I don’t know if the rats are gone from that restaurant, but I know this, that particular animal had a special meaning: It was my rat! I needed that rat to assure myself I can overcome every little fear monster of any form, shape and size, no matter where they come from. A while later I went back to that restaurant which had been renovated and was under new management, and to my surprise someone came to me and said: I think I remember you, aren’t you the “rat killer”? I don’t know if this title would make me eligible for any award or medal, but I know that my actions are always strengthening me to face bigger fears. Have you understood how to overcome thoughts of fear that arise against what God wants to accomplish in your life? By imprisoning them, leading them to the obedience of Christ. If you are submissive to God, you are ready to punish all intrusive and disobedient thinking.


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Day 8 - The daily battle

Exodus 14:13-25

I was face to face with it: the spirit of fear. As we prayed in our room one day, its presence caused an involuntary shaking of every muscle in my body, nothing I did would help warm up my hands and feet, but I remembered that rat and most importantly, I remembered the word of God that says: “Perfect love casts away all fear…” then I said firmly: I know who you are, you are FEAR, but the LOVE of my God is with me and you have to flee. Get out of here!

I remembered David, a man of decisions, who pleased God. First of all, he certainly killed insects, after that he killed a lion and a bear, then a giant and finally he killed fear inside his heart, when he said: “I will fear no evil for you (Lord) are with me.” Psalms 23:4. David certainly shot birds or smaller animals before grabbing a lion’s mane and killing a bear. He was preparing himself to face bigger lions, until he was confronted by a giant that changed the history of his entire life and he became a fearless king.  Believe that no matter what rises up to intimidate you, if you have faith, you can say “…be removed and be cast into the sea” Matthew 17:20 and it shall be done…. If only you decide to believe. Don’t expect great victories if you don’t fight the little battles. What do you need to face today? This battle is worth conquering. Do not run away because the enemies you see today you will never see again.

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Day 9 - Guilt, get rid of it!

Romans 8:1-17, 38-39

An inseparable companion of FEAR is GUILT. It is responsible for the majority of the torments and terrors we feel. It opens the door of our vulnerability, making us think that we have no rights other than to live hiding ourselves. So many ghosts are nurtured in our minds, by the crafty intimidation of GUILT’s tentacles, until we decide to believe that there is a remedy for guilt, there is an antidote. Jesus created the vaccine against guilt on the cross when He died for you and for me and gave us relief once and for all from the pain that guilt caused us. Take possession of this truth!

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Day 10 - Complacency is not a flaw, it’s a decision

1 Peter 1:13

When I dedicated myself to study what the Bible says in regards to the human mind, I remembered having an edifying experience that I’d like to share with you.  I remember staying at a certain hotel and we were observing the beauty of its’ entrance, the size and weight of its antique doors, when I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me about something interesting. He asked me if I would like to know which would be the most expensive hotel in the world! And I answered that I would definitely like to know, as I thought of those immense hotels in the Middle East, the hotels in Dubai, with their interior totally covered in gold. I remembered watching documentaries about some of those hotels. Then the Holy Spirit kept on speaking and I understood that the most precious hotel in the world was my mind!

Who hasn’t had the experience of spending sometime in a hotel? If you haven’t, know that there are rules and protocols in order to book a room in a hotel.  Every hotel has an entrance access and a reception desk, where a receptionist stops the guests that come in to identify them; once their identification is verified, access is granted.  Nobody is allowed in without proper identification. We have been to hotels that we had previously booked and paid for, and when we got there we thought we could simply walk into the lobby with our luggage and say: Take us to our room! We already saw it in the brochure, we chose which one we want, and gave all the required information to have it. Now we just want to go in and enjoy it. However, it wasn’t as simple as that. We had to stop at the reception desk where they asked for our identification documents, our country of origin, how long we would stay. Meaning if there is administration there is responsibility. If there is responsibility, exceptions can’t be made.  Then, why don’t you identify or name the thoughts that approach you on a daily basis, some of them with the intention to stay?

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Day 11 - Readiness

Ephesians 6:13-18

The Holy Spirit taught me something else: Do not complain about things you are able to tolerate! If you can tolerate it, don’t complain! Pay close attention to this: I am passing down to you a very precious message that the Lord has put in my heart. He blessed my life when He spoke to me about these things.    In these fancy hotels that I mentioned before, there are many security guards watching out, so that no intruder comes in without authorization. With that the Holy Spirit was also saying to me that the most desirable hotel in the world was filled with intruders that came in because the doors were opened. There was no one at the reception desk to ask: “Who are you? Where are your documents? How long will you stay?” The Holy Spirit was telling me that unauthorized guests were coming in and doing whatever they wanted inside that hotel because of the lack of vigilance and administration!  There are thoughts that come to the hotel of your mind, and you should ask them how they got there. Panic, sadness, the desire of death, when did they come in? Can you remember? When did they take over the most precious place on the face of the earth, which is your mind?


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Day 12 - Unwanted guests

Lamentations 3:21

The media works exclusively to conquer one thing: the human mind. If all those commercials were able to captivate your thoughts then it would be worth all the money invested. Sometimes we can perceive when those thoughts that change our attitude come in. When did sadness come in? When did fear of death come in? Wasn’t there anybody at the reception desk to ask those guests: What are you doing here? The book of Lamentations says that I should bring to my mind that which brings me hope. The hotel of your mind was built to welcome everything that brings you hope. It should be a place that would only shelter hope, which can cause you to move with speed toward places that have not yet been conquered. Would you like to be more vigilant at the door of the most expensive hotel in the world? This is a spiritual position that every Christian must occupy.


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Day 13 - Determined to win

Judges 1:4-7

Judah was determined to cast those enemies out of their land, because they were taking possession of the land that God had promised to give to them. They captured their general and cut off his thumbs and big toes. You may be shocked at this, and are probably saying in your heart: “How violent!” but read the next verse and you will understand: Then Adoni-Bezek said, “Seventy kings with their thumbs and big toes cut off have picked up scraps under my table. Now God has paid me back for what I did to them.” They brought him to Jerusalem, and he died there. I would like to explain what happened in this passage. The tribe of Judah went out boldly to conquer the land that belonged to them: the Promised Land. When they came across their first enemies, they took their general and cut off his thumbs and toes, and while they held him captive he told them: “There were 70 kings picking up crumbs under my table, kings whose thumbs and toes I cut off.” Do you know what cutting off somebody’s thumbs and toes means? It means to hinder them from using their weapons, from running and moving forward during war. Don’t keep in your land someone who has even destroyed kings.

I’ve seen people ruin themselves by keeping thoughts of depression in their minds; and I ask you a question: Do you think that you wouldn’t also be ruined if you allowed the same thoughts to remain in your mind? It could be that infidelity and immorality, which tried to destroy your faith, your enthusiasm, your health, your joy and your hope, have already destroyed others around you. Don’t be tolerant to these thoughts when they come to you, and don’t be passive toward them either. Do not keep inside of you, your house, or your hotel what has destroyed other people who were probably even stronger than you! Judah was not complacent; they destroyed the general who had destroyed many kings.


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Day 14 - How long?

Jeremiah 4:14

I am talking about the stubborn thoughts that have come into your mind saying they have come to stay, and that are even planning to stop your plans and purposes. These are the kinds of thoughts that cause you to say to yourself: “all I have to do is believe in God and I know He can do it, but you know what?… I give up! Perhaps if I would pray more, if I’d declare more, if I’d seek God more… but I can’t… I give up!” Jerusalem heard many words of faith, many promises that sounded good, but God said this: “How long will you harbor wicked thoughts?” Your mind is the place where you will harbor the best and most precious words and messages; your mind is what gives you strength to go forward. Take care of your mind!


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Day 15 - My mind is like a garden

1 Peter 5:8-9

You are solely responsible to hear, as Adam heard from God Himself: “Plow and cultivate this land”. The order that Adam received from God in the garden was that God Himself had put him there to cultivate, to plow and to guard the land. Just like the Garden of Eden, your mind must be cultivated, guarded and plowed, in order to produce good fruit. Do you know what it means to cultivate? Do you know what it is to plow? Do you know what it is to guard something? To guard means: “I am watching this place, I will not allow you to come in”. When a strange feeling is asking to come in, you do not give it permission. You have decided to bring to your memory, only what can bring you hope. To cultivate is to clean, to pull out the weeds that are growing around that beautiful plant you’ve planted. It’s to clean the garbage that’s next to some seed you sowed. To cultivate is to keep looking inside the garden and pull out everything you didn’t plant, unwanted things that are growing and suffocating what belongs to you.


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Day 16 - Peace in the land

Philippians 4:7-9

At times you may think in your mind: “I am filled with this desire for vengeance”, but the Holy Spirit says to you: “When did this guest come into your hotel? And it looks like he wants to stay!” Now, if you are cultivating your garden, you will go in and say: “This thought is not mine. I can identify it walking daily around here but it isn’t mine, it needs to get out. I don’t have to keep it here. If it’s not true, if it’s not noble, just, pure, lovely, if it’s not reputable, if it is not virtuous, and if it’s not praiseworthy, I am not allowing it to stay.”  When God’s people went into those cities, took down the giants, cast out the intruders and took possession of the land, the Bible says: “And there was peace in the land for many years.” Peace is the opposite of fear, peace is the expression of your confidence in Jesus. Who does not want peace? So know that He has given you the perfect and true peace: “My peace I give you” (John 14:27)


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Day 17 - Not here

Luke 15: 8-10

Do you know what a normal mind is? A normal mind is a mind at peace. It’s a mind that even while suffering says: “I am sure that all things are under my God’s control, I am sure that all things work for good for those who love God, I have faith that there will be victory, I have faith that things will begin to happen!”  Anxiety, worries, hate, wrath, vengeance, sadness, loneliness, depression, immorality, would do anything to come in to this precious hotel and get rid of all the joy that God gave you. In the beginning you had joy; what stole it from you? You need to get in position to guard and protect your precious hotel. In one of His parables, Jesus talked about a housewife who swept her house and turned the light on. God is calling us to be true housewives in this time! True housewives who will have enough wisdom to determine who should and shouldn’t come into the house of our mind! In this time the message that the Holy Spirit is giving to women is: “Be a true housewife, get rid of all intruders, clean up the mess they made, sweep the dirt, mop the floor, spray it with something to end this stench, and then go in and begin to live the life that God has prepared for you.”


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Day 18 - It does not happen naturally, make an effort!

Matthew 11:12

I can see in the facial expression of many people all the effort they are expending to keep living while carrying those undesirable guests in the hotel of their mind. You will not achieve victory if you tolerate your own defeat. A wise person knows exactly what she wants: she wants God’s will for her life. A wise person knows how to make right decisions and says to herself: “It is time for this feeling to get out, this strange desire, this fear of what could happen, this desire to not believe, it is time for them all to clear out!” Did you notice that there are more thoughts trying to sabotage you than thoughts that will uplift you? Did you realize that? Do you wake up every day saying: “Ah today will be a great day, it will be a day of victory”? In order for you to wake up saying that, you will have to fight, it does not happen naturally, you will have to push away discouragement, lack of faith, and it takes effort. Bad thoughts won’t leave if you ask politely, they won’t leave because you are well mannered, they will leave only when you release a word of command. You will have to order these thoughts to leave your hotel and then you invite faith as well as obedience to God, to permanently dwell inside of you.

Let me tell you something: I can create any future with faith. When faith comes inside of me and begins to expand, new words come out as a result. I can create my world with my faith. Have you ever tried to bring into the natural world what you see with the eyes of faith? Speak.


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Day 19 - Conformed vs. Transformed

Romans 12:1-2

In this letter to the Romans, the teaching is clear: if the world controls our way of thinking we become conformed people. The verse alerts us: “Do not be conformed!” In other words, every conformed person is simply being manipulated by someone or something. A conformed person, according to the Bible, is a person who sees the world and all the situations around him, just as anyone else would, and walks along with the flow of this world.  People who work in the same job for many years, holding the same position in the same department at the same desk, end up losing their vitality. God created us to constantly experience a renewing of our minds. Men were formed to be productive.

People without God are always conformed to what happens to them and what is presented to them. They think it’s impossible to change the situations around them. This wrong way of thinking is the result of a hardened heart that didn’t allow God inside. The devil takes advantage of this and gets us to be resigned to whatever happens. When we let God guide our minds and our way of thinking, we then become transformed people.  God wants to use our transformed ideas, so He gives us gifts and abilities to be utilized in our daily lives in order to achieve excellence. There are many people with the wrong mentality that say we should give God only simple things: “Ah Jesus doesn’t need all that! Why buy such an expensive musical instrument? For the worship team a simpler instrument is just fine…” The mind of Christ is a mind of excellence.


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Day 20 - Above mediocrity

Isaiah 55:8-9

Christ’s mind is our promised land; we need to throw out those intrusive thoughts that want us to be conformed to mediocrity.  A renewed mind is a mind that experiences the good, pleasant and perfect will of God. Jesus conquered the right for us to experience that. I was given a box of chocolate once that I didn’t bother eating because I thought they were too sweet without even tasting one. I thought: “This brand isn’t even well known.” One of my daughters tried one of the chocolates, and the box kept getting emptier every day. When I saw that, I decided to try a chocolate. It was delicious! Better than the most famous chocolate brands I had ever tasted! Do not despise God’s will before trying it!


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Day 21 - The mind of Christ

Jeremiah 29:11; Psalms 139:8-9

If you read today’s verse, you can be joyful because God takes pleasure in sharing what He thinks about you. Conformed minds are religious and mystical minds that cannot experience the newness of life that’s in the Gospel.  Desire to have a renewed mind and become the best in everything you do, desire to have wisdom, but above all desire to have God’s love for other people.  Jesus walked among all kinds of people and all of them were affected by God’s will. A renewed mind follows what God thinks and what God wants.

When we have the mind of Christ, our mind will not be just a battlefield, but a field of great victories!  God will put strategies in your mind that will take you to the place of your miracle, of your healing, and to all the best for your life! Think big!


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Day 22 - With what do you feed your mind?

2 Corinthians 2:16

This truth is extremely important and we must never forget it: a Christian has the right to have the mind of Christ. It is completely possible and gives us a great responsibility: we need to have zeal for our mind, to value it and to guard it. Our mind is a part of us that cannot be neglected. The fact is we don’t value our mind as much as we value our body. Many people frequently go to the gym, exercise their body, go on diets and have periodic check-ups but their mind is usually abandoned and vulnerable to all kinds of influences.  We must not neglect our mind, it is necessary to learn how to feed it well, because our mind is our world. When we are in a place where we don’t know anyone, perhaps another country, for example, we realize that our world is our mind. Our thoughts and memories are all we have with us.

Your mind can receive all kinds of knowledge but you are the one responsible for deciding what stays. We have the right to choose what should stay and what should go. In other words, much information from many sources comes into our minds that we can’t prevent, but we can decide whether they stay or not. That’s having a renewed mind, a balanced mind that knows when to say no and when to say yes. You decide it.


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Day 23 - Open eyes of understanding

Ephesians 1:17-23

When we place our mind under God’s direction His will is grafted into our life and our understanding. But how can we attain something that we don’t know? What good is it to pray and ask for the will of God if we don’t even know what it is? That only results in frustration that we attribute to God.  One of our biggest problems is that sometimes we are Christians only in our hearts, and we say: “Jesus is good, He gives us peace and joy” but we don’t allow for God to come into our minds. We live a life of emotions. That’s why many people are anxious to go to heaven or have this deep desire for Jesus to come back soon. Their emotions and expectations are pointing only to life in heaven.

God’s plan for us as a church here on Earth is to be a living testimony that will proclaim the name of Jesus. Then, victories will come. My desire is to bring heaven to Earth, because that is the will of God. The church is the expression of heaven on Earth!  “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy — meditate on these things.” Philippians 4:8. Paul had an intimate relationship with God, despite the various mistakes he made in the past, he only began to impact people’s lives after he had an encounter with God and his mind was transformed. When the eyes of his mind were opened, Paul became productive even in prison.


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Day 24 - You are what you think

Matthew 9:19-22

In Biblical times, women had no value, but Jesus brought value to many different circumstances.  In Matthew, chapter 9, we read about a woman with an issue of blood, who had spent all her money seeking healing. She couldn’t even get near people because the law in those days stated that she could be stoned to death if she did so. However, she was healed because of a thought that she fed her mind: “She said to herself, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.” I want to emphasize that the woman with the issue of blood was healed because of a thought she fed her mind.  When she heard that Jesus was passing by, she said to herself: “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.”  She was not thinking: “I am so miserable; I’m alone; I have this hemorrhage and I am dying…” No, what she said to herself instead was: “All I need to do is touch Him and I will be healed!” She had faith in God and in her mind she created a way to get to her place of healing, the place of miracles.  That woman knew Jesus had the power to heal her, but it was her mind that created the expectation to get to where He was. This is the mentality that God wants us to have. Be sure that who you are today and the circumstances surrounding you have nothing to do with what God wants to do in your life. Do as this woman of such great faith: imagine a time of abundance.


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Day 25 - What no one did before

Colossians 3:2

According to the law, that woman could not get near anybody otherwise she would be stoned to death. She had been suffering with a hemorrhage for 12 years and was considered unclean and wasn’t allowed among people. She was suffering privately, and was certainly worn out. However, she was determined to take a chance. The thoughts she fed her mind were stronger than the suffering and frustration she was under. When she touched Jesus, she immediately received power, healing power! In the midst of the multitude Jesus asked: “Who touched me?” And they all denied it. I can imagine Peter saying: “I want to know who touched Him, you’ll have to deal with me…” However, there was someone special among the multitude. Someone who did what no one else would. The woman with the issue of blood came shaking to Jesus, maybe thinking He would rebuke her, but He said: “Daughter, your faith saved you, go in peace”. What caused that woman to touch Jesus and receive not only healing but eternal salvation were the thoughts she decided to feed her mind. How powerful are our thoughts!


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Day 26 - Unexpected situations

James 3:10-12; Ephesians 4:17-19

During your difficult moments, what you are feeding your mind with will be exposed and clear to all. Every human being shows who they truly are in moments of pressure.  Someone once told me that a brother was at a church meeting, when unexpectedly he experienced an electric shock. On impulse he let out an obscene word. Some would say: “it was the scare…”  So, let me tell you how I have reacted when faced with something unexpected. One day I was in a cab, sitting in the front passenger seat and the sunlight was hitting my face, so I pulled down the sun visor and a horn fell on my lap. I threw that horn out and shouted: “Satan, you are bound!” Those words came out spontaneously, because the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart.  In the authority of Jesus Christ I bound Satan in that cab. The cab driver jumped and almost hit a car, and then he stopped and apologized to me. I took the opportunity to preach about the freedom that Christ gives us and the cab driver gave his life to Jesus.  I still remember when my middle daughter was two years old and fell from the top of a 10-foot high stairway. She was covered in blood and wasn’t moving. I took her in my arms, lifted her up high and shouted: “Satan, you will not resist us!” The Lord protected us and saved her life.   If your heart is filled with plagues, lies, bitterness or obscene words, they will manifest themselves in moments like that. What is not good for a Son of God, throw it away!


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Day 27 - I can because God can

Romans 8:37

You may think that Paul’s suggestions regarding what we should think about are difficult or even impossible to follow, even Paul himself said that what he wanted to do he didn’t do. Paul had a conflict and it’s natural for any of us to experience such conflicts, we’re human beings. But that doesn’t mean if you have a conflict in your mind you should expect the worst. If our minds are being well fed, we can bring to our memory that which gives us hope. That’s inevitable. Your life is the result of what is in your mind. This principle applies to any area of your life, whether professional, academic, social, personal or in your family.  Many people, from childhood, have been labeled by their own families with derogatory words such as stupid, skinny, fatty, four-eyes. It’s very possible that you also had one of those nick names as a child, but instead of accepting them, you should begin to feed your mind with thoughts such as: “I might be called anything by anyone, but I will only trust in the God of my salvation! I have the mind of Christ! I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus! I will prepare myself for the victory that is to come!” This way, you will present yourself as a conqueror of the Lord’s blessings.


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Day 28 - Change your way of speaking

Romans 4:17-18

This passage talks about the father of faith, Abraham, because he believed, he became the father of many nations, and all God’s promises to him were fulfilled. In verse 17, we see something very powerful: we serve a God who gives life to the dead. His power resurrects and revives that which has come to an end; His power also calls to existence that which doesn’t exist. Abraham experienced that kind of faith.  We can only call something to existence when we speak. In order to call something to existence, there must be a voice, someone has to speak.


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Day 29 - Faith to speak

Hebrews 11:1-3

Verse 3 shows us that “by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible…” that means someone had to speak, and speak the Word of God. The visible came into existence out of what is not visible, in other words, the visible came into existence because someone spoke!  “God said, let there be light, and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3).  When God speaks everything lines up, and things begin to happen. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that if nothing is happening in our life it is because we are not speaking!  God created the universe with His words. By faith and by the words that came out of God’s mouth the universe was formed.  What did God use to create the world? He used words. Words are powerful! Everything God envisioned, He spoke. Everything God felt He expressed. Everything you see through the eyes of your thoughts you must have faith to speak.


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Day 30 - Words come from thought

2 Corinthians 4:13

If you look at a situation with natural eyes you will not succeed in prayer, however if you declare in your mind that on the cross Jesus has already conquered the victory over all things, you will have faith to see your miracle. Words are produced in your thoughts. Words mean communication. You can only communicate something when it’s already formed in your mind. Faith acts in the same way. Faith is the conviction of things you hope for in your heart.  To live with God is to have a father-son relationship. In spite of all the difficulties and problems, when you live with God you express trust, and you have a destiny! Faith is to have dreams and know that your God can make your dreams reality. For some people God is a god of “putting out fires” all the time, a “fire fighter” God, because their faith only springs into action when they are going through hard times.


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Day 31 - Creative faith (faith that creates)

2 Kings 5:1-14

A young girl went to Naaman’s wife and told her about the God of Israel, who has the power to heal any sickness. In certain situations you can’t just tell someone you’re keeping them in your prayers. People are not interested in whether you’re praying for them or not! They want to see results; they want the solution to their problem. That girl, who was a slave in Naaman’s house, told his wife that she knew a man of God who could heal him completely from leprosy. The girl released the word, she said: “if only my master went to see the prophet, he would be completely healed, and the process of his cure began thereafter.  Many people only appear to be a Christian, but the word of God does not come out of their mouth, not once. Do you want to have creative faith? Then speak! Creative faith is directly connected to the Word.


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Day 32 - Faith is action

2 Kings 5:15

One word of faith from a slave caused a commander to acknowledge that there is only one God, the almighty God. Imagine the impact caused by that young girl’s declared faith!  God will bring you into situations where you will open your mouth and declare His Word! Don’t listen to what the devil is telling you in your mind. Don’t listen to the devil’s voice. Listen to God’s voice and declare what has already been written! Where there’s insecurity, faith cannot produce works, and faith must produce works, faith must produce action!


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Day 33 - Praise, instead of complaining

Matthew 18:19

Do you know why some people walk in circles all their lives? Because they don’t know how to open their mouth and declare the word of God as He has taught us. In the wilderness the people of Israel walked in circles for forty years because their mouths only expressed words of dissatisfaction. Instead of praising God and showing their gratitude for His provision of clothing and food, what came out of their mouths was of murmuring and complaining for what they lacked, and unbelief for their future. Some people do not want to change. They say they were born this way and will stay this way. These kinds of people don’t want to be controlled by the Holy Spirit of God. God can change anyone as long as they want to be changed!  What you say about yourself is very dangerous. If you say: “I can’t, I’m not able”, these same words will dominate your life.


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Day 34 - Speak to your problem

Proverbs 23:7

The Word is saying that we are what we think we are. I will repeat: We are what we think we are. This is very serious! Whatever you declare upon your life will come to pass.  Act as David did, thank God for your Goliath because he will be part of your success. Let your words build you. Instead of listening to your problems, start speaking faith to your problems.

There is a time for everything: time to pray, time to fast, but there is also a time to declare, and your faith can only be expressed when you open your mouth and speak.  The key to life is to think and to speak. Satan tries to lock your mind and your mouth, have you noticed that?

God said to Moses to tell the sea to be opened. It was God who opened the sea, but first, Moses had to declare the word of God. Do you want blessings in your life? Learn how to use your mouth, learn how to speak about yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and declare that you are a faithful person. Whatever you declare about yourself will materialize in your life.

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Day 35 - Do you have an idea?

Revelation 12:11

The first condition for them to overcome the devil and the world’s system was the blood of the Lamb, and the second was the word of their testimony. The words that come out of your mouth don’t come back void because when you declare the Word of God, He Himself makes it happen. Whatever is hindering the victories in our mind, is also our biggest giant. Our mind is not only a battlefield, but a great field of victories. What is in your mind will never amount to anything until it comes out through your words. Your mind may be filled with great and beautiful ideas, but if they are not put into words, they will be only ideas. Words that are not expressed are just ideas!


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Day 36 - Greater faith

1 John 5:4-5

You can become what God says about you. If you desire great and wonderful things for your life, you must change the way you speak! We don’t belong to this world; we have the Holy Spirit of God in us. We are His witnesses; therefore our mouths have to declare what the world is waiting to hear. Your vision will never be effective until you speak! Whatever you speak will come to pass.  The Bible challenges us to test God, not just when it comes to tithing. Test the Lord, test Him on faith, and experience Him. God created you exactly the way you are. You may not understand certain situations that come your way, but from today on, God is giving you strength to counteract them. Ask God for a greater faith. Begin to declare words of faith over yourself.  Make a decision to rise up against every word that the devil spoke over your life, and turn your ears exclusively to the Word of the God who created you. You are more than a conqueror! And it was God who said so. Never accept less than what Jesus has already given you.


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Day 37 - Substitution: The key of a victorious mind

Isaiah 53:4-5

The word substitution may sound unpleasant. The expression: “you will be substituted” would make anyone tremble because it carries a sense of inadequacy, rejection or scorn, however, substitution as I discovered, was exactly what we all needed. The obedient substituting the disobedient, the faithful substituting the unfaithful, the responsible substituting the irresponsible. It seemed impossible, but it was exactly what God was offering me: SUBSTITUTION. Jesus paid off my debt, and now I am sufficiently justified to look into the eyes of the One whom I wanted to please the most: a God who is JUST.


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Day 38 - My substitute

Romans 5:1-2

Thoughts that are better than mine and higher than mine are now available to me. The thoughts of Christ began to come. Christ and I were now in the same place. He sat on my seat and took the blame for my irresponsibility. I sat on His seat with Him in heavenly places, after His work for me was finished.  The natural man may try to think positively and may even keep up these thoughts for a period of time, but eventually he will come to a conclusion that he needs a source inside of him that will keep producing higher thoughts. Jesus said: “He who believes in Me… rivers of living water will flow from within him.” All of us need to substitute our empty cistern for the fountain of living water Jesus spoke of.

In an inexplicable way, faith brings to action all the promises God has given us… “along with Christ, all other things” (Romans 8:32). Everything we need, we already received when God gave us His best: THE SUBSTITUTE, JESUS CHRIST. He already gave us victory over deceitful enemies. He already gave us peace for our mind that was once tormented by guilt. Take hold of everything you need and make the world around you a better place. After all, what God has placed before us are priceless treasures.  Ignorance is the cause of all destruction. Ignorance in regards to our inheritance is the cause of a poverty mindset. Open the window of your heart and from it shout: I HAVE BEEN SUBSTITUTED!  No matter what kind of enemy comes your way, it will fall; how can someone rise up against God’s friend? This message gives us power to lie down in peace and sleep: WE HAVE BEEN RECONCILED TO GOD! This is why people would throw themselves at Jesus’s feet with tears of gratitude. HE IS OUR SUBSTITUTE!

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Day 39 - The reconciler

Romans 5:7-8; 10

It is the victorious life of Jesus in us, and His words of life that will produce the greatest transformations we need. Whatever the irresponsibility in your life, listen: YOU HAVE BEEN RECONCILED TO GOD!  How? Jesus did all the work without your participation. Alone, on the cross, Jesus took the punishment for my “broken glass cups”, and not only mine but all human beings because God wanted to be reconciled to us. He wanted to give us proof that it wasn’t by our works but by His. I can see fear stepping back as you speak the Word of God in its direction, which says: “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ […]” (2 Corinthians 2:14). What are you afraid of, if Christ always guides us in triumph?

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Day 40 - Turn off this noise!

2 Corinthians 5:17

Substitute that old scratched CD, with the same deceiving words that is continuously repeating itself daily inside your mind. Get up and turn off that noise. Change the soundtrack that is stuck in your head and live in peace, knowing that “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things (and thoughts) have passed away; behold all things have become new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17).  These are the words in the mind of Christ. Let them flow through your mind daily; let His promises dwell in your mind and drive off every strange and threatening voice. Let Jesus be Lord, and most honored guest in the most expensive hotel: your mind.

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