How can we achieve something that has not happened before in our minds? On the other hand, how can accomplishments, achievements and victories go through our minds if our minds insist on being occupied by an atmosphere of disorder or resistance? This 40 day devotional, written by Pastors Marco and Juçara Peixoto, shows in a simple way the dynamics between the voices of resistance and God’s plan for mankind, and it shows especially that this is not a battle without a happy end. Read it with Faith and prepare yourself for change.

Pastor Marco A. Peixoto and his wife Juçara Peixoto are a man and a woman of God whose faith inspires and challenges thousands of people around the world. They are revivalist who dedicates their lifes to see all those who hear them to be filled with the same flame that is in their heart: the Holy Spirit. With boldness, intrepidity and a pioneering spirit, they develop projects in the areas of leadership formation and creative evangelism. Their books on the power of faith, along with television and radio programs Pr Marco presents are instruments by which they have made the gospel reach countless multitudes.

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