EVENT TIME Beginning of the event: 9 am. Opening of the gates for parking and pedestrian: 7am. Access to the seats 1 hour before the start of the programming. Closing: 9 pm

TICKETS The ticket is the guarantee of participation in the Herdeira Conference.

SEATS The ticket does not have a designated seat, so the seating capacity will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

ORGANIZED GROUPS organized groups should proceed in the same way to purchase their individual tickets.

BANNERS OR PROMOTIONAL ITEMS You will not be allowed to enter with any promotional material (t-shirts, panels, pennants, banners and etc.) of any nature, sound equipment or any other type of equipment or material, and any use of the event location and moments during the event to benefit one’s own personal interests of any kind that is not included in the event program is strictly forbidden.

SALES The sale of any kind of products and food will not be allowed.

FILMING AND PHOTOGRAPHY The use of any professional equipment for photography and filming is not permitted without the proven consent of the promoter of the show / event. For information send an email to imprensa@herdeira.com.br

WHAT NOT TO BRING You will not allow the entry of objects that can cause injuries: flammable objects, glass in general, aluminum cans, PET bottles, thermal bottles. The entrance of aluminum takeout boxes and styrofoam boxes is also prohibited.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES The Herdeira Conference participants are allowed to bring snacks in individual portions.

SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION The Herdeira Conference provides simultaneous translation during the event.

ACCESSIBILITY Our staff is prepared to receive people with special needs: elderly, pregnant women and persons with disabilities. The Herdeira Conference also provides a sign language interpreter during the event.

MEN Men will not be allowed access to the event. The Herdeira Conference program is exclusively for women starting from the age of 13 on.

CHILDREN The Herdeira Conference does not have a children’s program, so for the comfort and safety of children, we ask not to take them. We count on your understanding. There are no tickets available for children under 12.

TRADEMARK “Herdeira” is a registered trademark and its owners have exclusive rights to use it.

STORE Official Herdeira products will be available on the day of the event, only at the indicated locations.