The Conference

The Herdeira® Conference is an event produced exclusively for the female audience, with the goal of informing and empowering this important segment of society.

Through lectures that stimulate the overcoming of limits, strengthen faith and challenge the participants to live a lifestyle of victory, the Herdeira® Conference becomes an important agent of change, positioning women to develop the best of their potential in the search of their life’s purpose.

Featuring a diverse and engaging program, it brings together thousands of women from all over the world for an unforgettable day of joy, strength and lots of excitement.

Juçara Peixoto

The women’s ‘s annual event was WONDERFUL! We have received news about miracles, healings, salvation, and so many other things God did in the 2019 Herdeira (you can see some of them below).  If you wish you can also write to us. We will love to know how the story of your life has been impacted by this event.  Stand firm until next year and keep the flame burning!  See you in May 2020!!

 Juçara Peixoto – Host of the Herdeira

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