What an unforgettable day!  The 17th Herdeira – the annual women’s event – will be in our hearts. And as we love photos, we selected some of them so that you may always remember this great experience and smile on it. We see you in 2020!


I was healed of depression at the moment we were praising.  God gave me such great joy!  And Pastor’s word came in a strong way into my heart: to start to live the story that God wrote for me.  I don’t take medicines anymore for the Honor and Glory of my God!

This was my first time in Herdeira Conference.  I was healed during the event !!  I entered being supported by friends because my right ankle was broken.  I felt the presence of a light in my direction and I stopped feeling pain.  I jumped with joy, praising the Lord and amazed for have been experienced this miracle!

Amazing !  It was so real and strong the presence of God in that place.  Everything simple but deeply beautiful and God-centered.  I am very happy!!  Pr. Marco A. Peixoto said that this will be the best year of our lives !!